Sunday, January 4, 2015

As a registered Democrat I am appalled by the hypocrisy manifested by the outrage of Democrats and the media over Rep. Scalise giving a speech about taxes before an organization that unbeknownst to him was considered racist – but ignoring its own recent racism.

These same people dismissed completely the fact that, in 2008, the Phila Democratic Party had armed poll watchers who were members of a racist anti-Semitic hate group. Indeed, one of the members of this group, deemed a racist anti-Semitic hate group by no less than the Southern Poverty Law Center, was a Phila. Democratic Party committeeman.

It is unfortunate that Democrats choose to worry about a speck in the Republican’s eye when they have a log in their own.

It is even more unfortunate that some conservatives are so insecure about their attitudes concerning race that the mere allegation of racism sends them hiding. Scalise is not a racist – a black Democrat Congressional colleague said so. He should know.

Until Republicans and conservatives recall their proud heritage of racial equality – and I will be happy to remind them – and stop becoming weak in the knees whenever a politically motivated allegation of racism is made conservatives will never make inroads among African-Americans.

Calls for Scalise's resignation are all too characteristic of those who may harbor racist feelings and feel the need to prove they are not racist. I do not have - as many other conservatives of whatever party - do not have racist beliefs and do not need to be judged by higher standards.

Let the Democrats purge the racists - black, brown, yellow, red, and white - from their own party before trying to purge others. 


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