Monday, June 8, 2015

Conservative Media and Think Tanks Too Timid to Mention Racial Hate Crimes by African-Americans

Neither Bill O'Reilly nor Megan Kelly at Fox News who were made aware of this incident via twitter ( I was told) bothered to report about these racially motivated attacks of whites by blacks in S. Phila. CNN and MSNBC were also, purportedly, made aware of this and also did nothing.

What is even worse is that the police have not bothered to act.
The following is from the local ABC news affiliate:

Here is an excerpt:

"Another woman who also did not want to be identified says the women attacked her inside her home calling her racial epithets when she tried to intervene.

"Next thing I know, I hear, 'white [expletive] we're gonna [expletive] you up!'" the woman said. "Next thing I know they're inside spitting at me, pounding at my face, beating me."

The victims further claim responding officers from the 3rd district did not even take a report or make any arrests."

So it seems conservative media are joining conservative think tanks in being too timid to cite racist acts by African-Americans that go unreported by police. Kudos to the local ABC affiliate even though they seemed to have bent over backwards to avoid stating the possibility of racial hate crimes committed by African-Americans.


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