Monday, June 15, 2015

No Room for Social Conservatives?

As I have been saying repeatedly during these past several months, there is no room for social conservatives in the public square. People who believe in opposing abortion; who believe that sobriety checkpoints are legal; who believe that criminals belong in prison; who believe drugs should not be legalized, are being phased out of conservative institutions and/or political parties.

This article in the libertarian Reason magazine ( a misnomer if ever there were one), references Linette Lopez's Business Insider article. They both illustrate my point. 

Here is an excerpt from the Business Insider piece:

"Many on Wall Street loved (Romney's) private-equity/business background to be sure. They liked his ideas on foreign policy, even, but they weren't crazy about his sudden lurch to the right on issues like abortion. (Emphasis added)

Here is an excerpt from Gillespie's Reason article:

"add to that (Michael Bloomberg's) patently stupid comments against pot legalization."

(Here is a link to the Reason piece:

(Here is a link to the Business Insider piece:

The same people who want to eliminate civil forfeiture want to make all drugs legal and  also make abortion-on-demand legal. I guess if you believe Potterville or Caligula's Court are wonderful places to live than you are not concerned by this shift. But I think most of us understand that a libertine world only benefits a few - and destroys many. 

Now libertarians deny being libertine. They say they believe only in a world where the government does not impose morality. Libertarians are fond of saying morality is an individual thing and cannot be legislated. 

I, as a social conservative, believe there are immoral acts that the government must prohibit. Slavery immediately comes to mind as one immorality that must be prohibited by law.

Do libertarians believe there should be no laws against slavery? 

Libertarianism has some valid points to make. But they are socially conservative points such as prohibiting slavery. Their rationale for legalizing drugs, prostitution, and abortion-on-demand has nothing to do with morality or limited government. It has everything to do with their morality. Do not be fooled by them.


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