Sunday, March 13, 2016

They are There to Provoke not Protest

The disruptors/agitators from the George Soros/Hillary Clinton/ Black Lives Matter/ crowd are not there to do anything peacefully. 

They are there to provoke not protest.

They are not there to exercise their First Amendment rights they are there to STOP the exercise of First Amendment rights

They are not there to dissent they are there to silence dissent.

There was nothing orchestrated by Trump. Trump haters go into his rallies and provoke violence. Bernie Sanders goes to Liberty University, whose chancellor endorsed Trump, and is greeted warmly. But Trump tries to speak at a Leftist university and violence breaks out. The same Black Lives Matter crowd btw shut down Sanders. For Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio to blame Trump is disgraceful. It shows Cruz and Kasich will be appeasers. It validates why people should vote for Trump.

Regardless of how one feels about Trump, it is undeniable that these agitators/disruptors are not praceful protesters. These are the same leftwing tactics that were used to silence the anti-communists who supported the troops during the Vietnam War. These are the same people who protested Reagan's deployment of missiles in Europe in the 1980's.


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