Saturday, February 27, 2016

Still Clueless After All These Months


These GOP right wing pundits are still clueless. They refuse to understand Trump's popularity. 

The Left calls him a racist and fascist - which is what they call everyone who opposes them. But some on the Right, who oppose him, call him the same thing. This reveals a simple fact. Conservative and liberal elites are not very different except on fiscal issues. This was proven time and again when the disdain the Right Elite showed for pro-life or pro-religious liberty or pro-law enforcement working class citizens.

Meanwhile, nobody has really represented the sentiments of the middle since Ross Perot. Trump has tapped into this. 

But the GOP establishment at Townhall, National Review, Weekly Standard, Cato, and elsewhere are incapable of grasping this. This affirms how so out of touch they are with the common person. Even Peggy Noonan, who showed signs in her latest WSJ piece that she gets, was extremely condescending in her writing. She referred to  the "protected and unprotected" but describes her shoemaker as an old school Italian-American who supports "Troomp." Seriously?

There is a lot wrong with Trump. It is easy to see. But it is not his substance that is appealing. It is the sentiment that is at the root of his appeal. Why the Right Elite cannot see this says much about them.

The two best candidates in this election, one Democrat and one Republican, exited early. They were Jim Webb and Scott Walker. They lacked the leadership qualities of being inspirational but they were all substance. This is what the electoral process does - it weeds out those cannot inspire.

I heard a highly esteemed right wing pundit demean a radio talk show  caller who said Trump gave him goose bumps. He sarcastically said the last person who did that was Obama.

This is exactly the point. (This pundit, by the way, lacks both charisma and substance. He trades off his family's name.) This pundit is clueless to the fact that Obama was elected twice over the candidates he backed.

As I said before, the Founders like Dickinson, Jay, Livingston, Morris, and others recognized that they could go with the revolutionary tide and direct it or try to stand in the way of it and drown. 

They chose to direct it.



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