Thursday, June 18, 2015

This is an article I wrote 25 years ago - think about it a quarter of a century ago I wrote this. What has changed?

I point out the disparate treatment by media of black-on-white crime,  even when racism was the stated motive, is not really reported with the same prominence and frequency as  white-on-black crime where the media normally applies a racist motive. 

BTW I also experienced this as a police officer working racial details. Crimes committed by whites against blacks were reported as hate crimes whereas crimes by blacks against whites were not reported as such. 

Why, I would ask myself?

My thesis is that this treatment is inherently racist. Because the media - and the city government -  treat crimes by blacks as some normal event but when a white commits a crime it must be because of racism. 

I point out that black criminals and white criminals are just that - criminals. There is no difference - especially to the victims.

As if to prove my point here is a news item about a black man who killed four whites because they were white. This tragedy occurred in 2013 with barely a mention by the media. There was no great outcry in this incident, indeed who knew about it.


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