Thursday, November 19, 2015

Univ of Penn Paper Says Black Officers and those with Negative Marks Shoot More Older Officers Less

A 2014 working paper titled Risk Factors Associated with Police Shootings: A Matched Case-Control Study, by Greg Ridgeway, Associate Professor of Criminology and Statistics, and Director of the M.S. Program in Criminology at the Univ. of Pennsylvania identifies officers' features regarding police shootings. 

Here is the abstract (emphasis added):

"Particularly with the resurgence of concern over police use of deadly force, there is a pressing need to understand the risk factors that lead to police shootings. This study uses a matched-case control design to remove confounders of shooting incidents and identify features of officers that increased their risk of shooting. By matching shooting officers to non-shooting officers at the same scene, the analysis isolates the role of the officers’ features from the features of the incident’s environment. The study uses data from the New York City Police Department on 291 officers involved in 106 officer-involved shootings adjudicated between 2004 and 2006. Black officers were 3.3 times and officers rapidly accumulating negative marks in their files were 3.1 times more likely to shoot than other officers. Older officers who became police officers later in life were less likely to shoot. The results indicate that officer features related to discharging a firearm are identifiable." 

But do not wait for the usual suspects - i.e. mainstream media, so-called "civil liberties" organizations, and other contemners of police to communicate this to the public. They are too invested in vilifying police not criticizing them. This information does not fit the narrative of 'white racist killer cops.'

Prof. Ridgeway's bio is impressive. From the Penn website - "Prior to coming to Penn, Prof. Ridgeway was the Acting Director of the National Institute of Justice....Previously, Prof. Ridgeway was Director of the RAND Safety and Justice Program and the RAND Center on Quality Policing .... Dr. Ridgeway is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, a distinction he received for being one of the world’s foremost statisticians engaged in crime research..." (Emphasis not in original)

The paper can be found here: 


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