Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kevin McCarthy, establishment GOP's Sclerotic Management and Tea Party Upstarts

By Michael P. Tremoglie

Kevin McCarthy is proof positive that the Republican Party operates along the same cronyism  as Corporate America. Could there be anyone dumber than McCarthy? He not only made a statement insulting to his colleagues, but he also handed the ammunition to the Democrats to discredit the Bengazi investigation.

With one fell swoop, during an interview with a friendly media outlet, Fox News, this colossally inept, galacatically stupid next-in-line-to-the-Speaker-of-the-House-throne not only discredited the Benghazi investigation and made Hillary Clinton look like a victim, but he also created doubt anytime a Republican says he or she is doing something to protect Americans. Because now all such efforts will be looked at as political posturing.

L'Affaire McCarthy illustrates that the GOP does not operate as a meritocracy. It also shows how inept at media relations Republicans are. Look at the now disgraced MO senate candidate, Tom Akin's, statement about rape. These people are never ever prepared for interviews. They are not organized. They are not articulate.

How do they get elected? Chissa - as the Italians say?

The only positive thing to come of this is that the GOP establishment can no longer bleat incessantly about the amateurism of the Tea Party candidates. No Tea Party candidate ever handed such a gift to the Democratic Party as McCarthy did. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

What are the chances that the GOP follows up the stupidity of nominating McCarthy with acutally electing him?


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